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New Life UMC
6145 N 400 W

Fairland, IN 46126

Jolita Erbele, Pastor

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A Message From Pastor Jolita:

Every Sunday we will gather for worship for one service at 10:30 AM. In compliance with the latest guidelines, masks will be required. We will have disposable masks available if you forget yours. We will practice social distancing by sitting in alternate pews and avoiding physical contact.

We pray for the day when we can resume "normal" activity. In the meantime, do not let this divide us. There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism and we are one body in one Spirit. We have big visions of what God has in store for each us at New Life UMC and God's mission has not ended.

We can do it. We will sing, not from the top of our lungs, but from the bottom of our hearts. We will stay strong in faith and no enemy will distract us from worshipping our God.

The worship service will be recorded. It may take some time to upload. For your convenience, subscribe to New Life YouTube channel so you can receive notification when it is uploaded.

"I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living!" Psalm 27:13

Jolita Erbele



If you plan to attend in person, this information will be helpful to you:

* A few bulletins will be available at New Life by the offering plates. The bulletin file will also be sent as an attachment via e-mail (from godbys@centurylink.net) on Friday or Saturday. You may print it at home and bring it with you if you wish. It will also be available on the website (below) but will not include the prayer and address lists.

* Children - you may bring activities with you to occupy your children or from the back pew pick up a white paper sack with activities for children. These sacks and contents are to be taken home at the end of the service. Children are to remain in the pew with their adult/s for the entire service.
* If you brought a cushion in the past, it is under or on the back pew. Please pick it up, use it if you wish, and take it home with you at the end of the service. Bring it with you whenever you return to worship and wish to use it, taking it back home each time.

* If you brought a cross to be on the altar during Lent, it is by the offering plate inside the sanctuary door. Please take it home with you.

* Offering plates are at the back of the sanctuary. You may put your offering in when you enter or leave the service or you may continue to use on-line giving through PayPal.

* Remember to use non-contact greetings instead of handshakes and hugs.

* Restrooms will be limited to one person occupying at a time and users are asked to follow the cleaning steps posted. Those who do not wish to clean following the use of the restroom should ask someone to do it for them.

* The water fountain and other areas marked with yellow caution tape are considered "off limits."


On-Line Sunday Church Services

The New Life Church Service
will be broadcast LIVE
on the New Life UMC Fairland
Facebook Page at 10:30 a.m.

The service will also be recorded
and available on YouTube later on Sunday.


PLEASE go to the New LIfe UMC Fairland YouTube page and SUBSCRIBE to view the pre-recorded broadcast. You will find the page by clicking HERE:
New Life UMC Fairland YouTube page

Click "SUBSCRIBE" - the red button at the top right of the screen -
and follow the directions to sign in and subscribe.

When you are subscribed, you will receive a notification
whenever a service video is uploaded
and available in the future.



On a computer, tablet, or smartphone,
go to YouTube or the YouTube app and search for "New Life UMC Fairland"


On a smart TV, Roku device, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Etc.,
go to YouTube and search for "New Life UMC Fairland"


Click this link for the church’s YouTube channel:

New Life UMC Fairland YouTube Channel


For those who wish to view the broadcast on Facebook, click this link:

New Life UMC Fairland Facebook Group Page

The video will be available on YouTube for your future viewing.

The bulletin for this week's service will be available before Sunday:
Bulletin for October 4, 2020

Using PayPal for your online offering to New Life - click HERE for directions

 Send your offering to New Life using PayPal - click here:

 Visit New Life UMC on Facebook!

Click HERE for the New Life Facebook page!

Sermon Videos
Sermon videos are now available!
If you happened to miss a week,
click this link to see
previous messages
from Pastor Jolita.

You may also go directly to YouTube on your computer or smart TV and search for "New Life UMC Fairland" to see the videos.



Click HERE for
"The Pastor's Page"
Sermon Notes
from Pastor Jolita

If you missed a week at New Life,
this is a great place to catch up!







 New Life UMC is dedicated to serving our community.

Our mission is to serve all who need comfort.

Jesus said, "Go and preach, to all creation, making disciples." 
Mark 16:15

Our profession of faith is simple.
Jesus said, "You must believe in me, that I am the One." 
John 14:11

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