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You Are Welcome At
New Life UMC
6145 N 400
Fairland, IN 46126

Please welcome our new pastor,
Jolita Erbele!

She begins her ministry at New Life UMC
on Sunday, November 12, 2017

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NEW! The "Pastor's Page" now features Pastor Denise's
"Notes from After the Sermon."

If you missed a week at New Life, this is a great place to catch up!
HERE or click the link above.







 New Life UMC is dedicated to serving our community.

Our mission is to serve all who need comfort.

Jesus said, "Go and preach, to all creation, making disciples." 
Mark 16:15

Our profession of faith is simple.
Jesus said, "You must believe in me, that I am the One." 
John 14:11

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